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Tapmee Sticker - Smart Business Card

Tapmee Sticker - Smart Business Card

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Business cards.

No more awkward fumbling to find your business card. Attach one to your phone and share on the go!

A new kind of business card!

Never worry again about having your card on you, stick your Tapmee Sticker on the back of your phone, and always be ready to connect.

With a tap you can instantly share:
Contact info, social media profiles, payment information, photos and videos, website, or details for an upcoming event. The possibilities are endless!

❌ No App Needed! 

The other person does not need an App or a Tapmee to receive your information.

🌳 Sustainable, ethical and renewable: Instead of having hundreds of paper business cards, one Tapmee Sticker - for all of your networking and connecting purposes. Packaging made from recycled materials that take little from the earth but give back a lot.

📱 Compatible with iPhone & Android devices

Tapmee boasts compatibility with almost all devices. 
For information regarding supported devices, check

For special and more detailed processing, background design, and layout send an email to our design team:

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